App Equivalent to:

Open Office Presentations


You will learn and be able to:

  • Create, edit, and share presentations.
  • Share google presentations with others and collaborate.
  • Insert and crop videos from either Google Drive or YouTube into Google Slides.
  • Create self-paced student lessons from within Google Slides.

Get Started with Google Slides in Under 3 Minutes

Advanced Google Slide Features

Creating an E-Book PDF with Google Slides

Insert a Background and Video

Edit Images in Google Slides

Creating an Interactive Presentation

Creating a Master Template

Chromecast and Google Slides

In this video from the G-Suite Apps Show, they give a brief tutorial on how to use Google Slides with Chromecast as a wireless presenting solution.

Video no longer available.

Using advanced Slides features

Are you looking for tips to make your presentations more engaging and captivating? Google Slides created some advanced features that will help you enhance your presentation design and flow. In this episode our hosts share with us some design tips and cover handy Slides features.

Topics Covered

  • Master Slides
  • Incorporating YouTube Videos or Charts from Sheets
  • Slides Q & A Feature

5 Features of Google Slides Every Teacher Should Know About

Let's Review

Review these terms from Google Slides with this flashcard deck.