Microsoft in My Google


At the end of this session, participants will be able to:

  • Convert Microsoft Office Docs to Google Docs, Sheets, Slides
  • Learn the different ways to Make Microsoft Publisher Style Files in Google's G-Suite
  • How to Chromecast "Like a Pro!"
  • Organize your Drive using tools built in to Google Drive
  • How to access and utilize Team Drives

Today's Presentation

Microsft in my Google

Those attending today's session can access the presentation here.

Microsoft Word To Google Conversions

Lets Begin a the Beginning

  • First, get your Stuff into Google
  • If you want to convert documents one at a time, see the video.
My Drive - Google Drive.webm

Automatically Convert Word to Google Docs

This video will show you how to have all text document automatically convert to Google Docs when uploaded.

Making Publisher Style Files in Google's G-Suite

Designing a Newsletter in Google Slides

Honestly the best place to start for any Publisher Style Document

Accessing Google's Built In Templates

How to Chromecast "Like a Pro"


Chromecasting is the same on Chromebooks, Windows, and MacOS devices. You can also Chromecast from specific apps on Phones and Tablets.

Chromecast Like a Pro!.webm

Tips for Organizing Your Drive

My Drive - Google Drive.webm

Here are my tips for organizing and finding folders and files in your drive.

  • Add a Star
  • Color Code
  • Use the Search Bar Tools
  • Move Files using the Side Bar

View all of these tips in the video.

Team Drives (The New "M" Drive)

Anything you save to a team drive will not be lost due to accounts or file owners being deleted.

Anything saved to the team drive will be automatically available to everyone who has access to the team drive.

Team Drives.webm