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Your Mission

...should you choose to accept it...

Now it seems, more than in the past, teachers feel ill-prepared for the tasks presented to them when it seems to deal with technology. Since I entered education in 2011, several new tech initiatives (that did not exist at the time) have been rolled out. Some of these include

  • Chromebook 1:1 Initiatives
  • iPad Roll out
  • AR and VR Experiences at Home and School
  • Online state testing
  • Online Academic Growth (MAP) Testing
  • Kahoot! Socrative, (Formative Assessment Tools)
  • and Other Web 2.0

Your mission, is to provide teachers with meaning, personalized professional development, based on district goals, current best-practices of teaching, based on teacher interest, and making it convenient for all teachers to access. Teachers also need to be able to claim these training sessions as evidence of continuing professional development.

Today's Presentation

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ICE19 - Bringing In District PD Online


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District 140 Online Learning Center (Examples)

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