App Equivalent to:

Open Office Spreadsheets


You will learn and be able to:

  • Create, edit, and share sheets.
  • Use the explore feature to automatically spot data trends.
  • Install and manage add-ons.
  • Share Google Sheets with others and collaborate.

Introduction to Google Sheets

Advanced Sheets Tutorials

Neat things to do with Google Sheets

Create Pixel Art

Yes, Google Sheets can be configured to create Pixel Art. Look at a few of the examples below.

Create QR Codes

Whether you were after an employee ID or a ticket of attendance for an event, users can now create QR codes directly from Google Sheets through add-ons. Once added, multiple QR codes can be generated by clicking on a range of values in your worksheet, and then saved into your Google Drive.

Other Neat Things

Let's Review

Test your knowledge with this quiz on Google Sheets.