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You will learn and be able to:

  • Compose and send messages to parents, students and groups
  • Use search, conversation view, labels and filters to locate and organize messages
  • Use Google Hangouts to communicate and collaborate via chat, voice, and video
  • Manage email on the go using your mobile device
  • Use Google Groups to encourage discussion and reflection
  • Use task lists to manage projects and to-do lists


Gmail (2019) Tutorial

In this video, you will get a full tour of G Mail (current as of January 2019). While the video plays, follow along in your own Gmail account. Remember, you can pause and play the video to go at your own pace.

What is Conversation View?

To reduce clutter in the inbox, some may choose to have conversation view turned on. Conversation view groups emails with all of the replies to that email so you can see the entire conversation at once.

Google's Documentation on Conversation View

Searching in Gmail

Similar to how you can search on Google's search engine, you can search through your emails using boolean operator searchers.

Creating and Managing Filters/Labels

You can manage your incoming mail using Gmail’s filters to send email to a label, or archive, delete, star, or automatically forward your mail.

Google's Documentation on Filters

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Lets Review

Click the link to try the Quizlet review game for Gmail.

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Try the review game to test your skills.